VEKA Construction was established in 1993 and started construction business with both private and public sectors.
VEKA constructed many projects of Ministry of Education such as; building of 40,000 square meter schools, multi-functional workshops, sport halls, dormitories, dining hall buildings in a period of eight months, in different cities and regions of Turkey in 2003.
In year 2004 we signed the contract of construction of “Iraq Sulaimaniyah International Airport and other related buildings. This construction was completed by VEKA in 10 months in spite of poor conditions of Northern Iraq.

Besides, in year 2007 our company signed contract of 110,000 m2 R/C luxury mass housing buildings including five hundred and seventy four (574) apartments, two garage buildings, approach roads, pavements, substructure and concrete boundary wall.

VEKA Construction also reconstructed many social, commercial, industry  institutions and embassy buildings of European Union Countries proudly in Turkey.

Moreover, VEKA Co. has good experience in designing famous projects; like the design of Sulaimaniyah International Airport Additional Terminal, VIP and New Facility Center Buildings (Second Phase) Sub structural works were enlarged by improving  road,  pipelines, general storages, waste water treatment plants, sewerage, rain water,  networks, horizontal directioning drilling, ground improvement, bored piling substructure construction works.

In year 2009, the Siirt Sport Complex Project was implemented by VEKA Co. within 5 (five) months despite very heavy winter conditions and long rainy season.

Since 2009 VEKA has been carrying on a business in the field of mining and related construction technology. In the years of 2010 and 2011 Polatlı Sepiolite Crushing and Sieving Factory was constructed including design. At the same time the sepiolite mineral ore was produced by VEKA with selective method.

VEKA is keeping and willing to work with specialized institutions like; EFES Pilsen, Toreador Oil Company, Gate Electronics, Doğadan Tea, Gordion Mining Co. (Tolsa Spain) who need high quality and technical sensitivity.

The owners of VEKA Co. graduated from Civil Engineering Department of Middle East Technical University, before establishing VEKA Co they worked professionally in private sector construction companies in Turkey and abroad.

Today, VEKA as being expert construction company is capable of constructing prestigious projects that needs high quality finance and techhnology.